Bursting with the juicy taste of Florida grapefruit for a zesty fresh flavor.
Monkey wrench seltzer cocktail

Grapefruit Case (24-Pack)

Bursting with the juicy taste of Florida grapefruit for a zesty fresh flavor.









Organic grapefruit, organic agave, hibiscus extract, & other natural citrus flavors

$ 63.99 

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Fix your drink. Grab a Monkey Wrench Seltzer Cocktail.

Monkey Wrench Seltzer Cocktails are made without compromise. Gluten free, vegan, no artificial flavors, and NO MONKEY BUSINESS!

From Calistoga, California, in the northernmost corner of Napa Valley, what started out as an experiment in trying to make the best mixers and tonics has turned into a brand new category of drinks, the seltzer cocktail. It's got the flavor-forward attitude of a craft cocktail with the sensibilities of a hard seltzer.

Why "fix your drink"? We love hard seltzers and how they can be a more healthful indulgence, but we felt there was room for innovation and improvement. With inspiration and expertise from the local winemaking community, we know that using the best natural and organic ingredients and applying a heightened level of focus and intensity to taste and flavor is how you make the best possible products. We invite you to share this Wine Country perspective as you "fix your drink."

Quick note. If you're a time-traveling wagon wheel maker from the late 18th century and you're confused about not being able to buy a monkey wrench here, please head to your local Napa auto parts or home improvement store and ask about 'adjustable wrenches'.